Saturday, July 9, 2016

RECTILINEAR Turista Photo Book Available for Download

I haven't been posting much lately because I have been working, among other things, on my photo book!  The eBook version of RECTILINEAR Turista is hammered out and available for download.  There was a defect in the form of a rotated photos, but that has been resolved. I used Bookwright by Blurb to create this, and it's a solid tool for making a nicely formatted book.  

When I discovered the problem with the photos, I contacted customer support. I am sorry to report that I could not get any help until I used Twitter to publicly call out Blurb for ignoring my incident.  Seemed to work and somebody fixed the glitch in the matrix.  The tech couldn't tell me exactly what happened, but assured me that it wasn't in the printed editions I ordered for preview.  

You can download the eBook HERE.  

Watch this space for more information about print editions of RECTILINEAR Turista


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