Saturday, August 13, 2016

SEPT 17 & 18
At the Experience Music Project

Join me on September 17-18 for the Seattle Mini Maker Faire! This family-friendly festival of invention and creativity offers tech enthusiasts, crafters, homesteaders, scientists, and garage tinkerers of all ages and backgrounds a public platform to show off their passion projects. Come see all the awesome creations!

photo credit: Evan Van Otten

@MakerFaireSEA is setting up shop @EMPMuseum 9/17 & 9/18! 
Come see hundreds of amazing creations. #MakerFaireSEA 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Here, in the Schlaboratory, our scientists are slaving over simple CAD programs, with the goal of designing the best-shootin', easiest-to-assemble 3D printed pinhole cameras possible.  With that in mind, the new terraPin ACME utilizes snap-together assembly, and bolt-free loading. In early trials, the slide-lock lid is light-tight and easy to use.  

At this time, the camera works best with the terraPin consumer winders (in nylon or metal), and off-the-shelf instrument knobs (1/4-inch shaft). Expect a revised winder-knob design suitable for FDM 3Dprinting soon. 

This last photo is a composite of two exposures, inside and outside, at the back of the moving train. The outside exposure was quick - a second or two, while the inside exposure took several minutes. I used GIMP software to stitch the two resulting photographs together. No other post-processing or exposure adjustments were made. 

All photos made with Fujifilm Velvia 50 slide film.  The optical vignetting is prominent in some of these shots due to the limited exposure latitude of this film. Black and white or color negative films may have less of this vignetting.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

terraPin Prime 3Dprinted Pinhole Camera

In a quest for an easy-to-print and -assemble pinhole camera design, I present the terraPin Prime. There are only four parts to the body, plus the winders (many options for this), using gaffer tape for some tasks. The only fasteners are the fixing bolt for the cap and the pivot for the shutter.  Easy-Squeezy!  (Make sure you are using absolutely opaque filament!)

Like all my camera designs, I have posted ALL THE PHOTOS I have made with the Prime.

The source file to 3D Print are freely available for DOWNLOAD

I am working on a revision of this design, called the ACME, which HAS NO FASTENERS! Purely snap-together assembly!  Stay tuned, kids.