Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pinhole Photography Short & Sweet, a Mini Zine

I have my friend Hank to thank for the Body Snatcher idea of Zines, innocently planted in my brain during a recent breakfast. I've since been thinking a lot about a small run of a photo zine, featuring themed pinhole photos. This little pamphlet is the first of such things to be spawned by Hank's inspiration. I plan to include it with pinhole cameras that I send to people.  It assumes some ignorance, and isn't really meant for experienced pinhole photographers. I like the idea of some small color photos printed on the reverse side. Stay tuned!

Here is the PDF of my minizine, Pinhole Photography Short & Sweet.  For proper formatting, print the PDF at 100%.

It probably could benefit from a critical eye. I think I caught all the spelling errors, but if you have suggestions to make this a more useful document, let's hear 'em!

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